Twitter Assistant insights from real users: Holt Recruitment

Since launching our Twitter Assistant in November, we’ve been reaching out to real users to see what they’ve been able to learn for their Twitter strategies from it. These are the insights shared from Kelly Ratcliffe, Marketing Associate at Holt Recruitment.

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1. Which personalized insights from the Twitter Assistant have been the most valuable to your team?

One of the most useful insights for Holt Recruitment has been the top hashtag function. It’s useful to see what hashtag of ours has been used the most across Twitter recently, which has helped to identify the weekly trends and patterns that our audience are most interested in.

2. Do you have an example of a small thing you were able to change and see results from, via the feedback from your Assistant?

The tool provides feedback on the best times to tweet and gave us an insight into when we gain the most engagement from our followers, which was (to our surprise) evening time. We’ve amended the scheduling of tweets and seem to be inducing a higher amount of impressions and overall engagement rate with our posts.

3. What was the most surprising thing you learned from the Twitter Assistant?

I think the most surprising findings from our analysis has been about the content type. You’ll find these days that a lot of social marketing guides suggest always adding links/images to every tweet to gain more engagement, but the tool has helped us realised that text based tweets can be just as powerful as bold imagery to get your message across.

4. How has the Twitter Assistant helped your Twitter strategy overall?

Overall, it’s helped us identify current patterns and trends easily from top hashtags and top influences, which has prompted us to take a different look at what content we should share with our target audience. Tools such as the heatmaps, have helped to check peak engagement on Twitter at a quick glance, which in turn has allowed us to implement a stronger scheduling strategy.

5. What do you hope to get from the Assistant in the future? (Anything from new features to how you might incorporate what you learn in your Twitter strategy going forward.)

It would be great if you could incorporate Twitter’s “audiences insights” data into the platform. To have a breakdown of audience data such as interests, occupation etc could further help us identify what content our audiences are genuinely interested in/follow which could help us to hone in on these topics and think more outside the box when it comes to what we share.

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