Sneaky social media time-wasters: How to find them, how to avoid them

We all have bad habits associated with our social media use. If you’re looking to be more efficient with the time you spend on social this year- whether that’s with work or personal use- we’ve done a little legwork on how you can identify your social media time-wasting habits and avoid them going forward.

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See how you’re really spending your time

In order to make changes you first need to know your baseline. And when it comes to our own behavior we’re notoriously bad at measuring exactly how we use our time (see also: how much we eat, etc). Fortunately for the curious, we live in the era of the quantified self, which means there’s an app for that.

Use apps like Moment or these other options to see where you’re spending your time on your phone (even how often you pick it up) or a browser extension to see how you’re spending your time on the computer.

Confront the hard truths first. Then it’s time to take a deep breath and make a plan.

How can you make small changes?

Habit changes fail when we try to make huge ones that are harder to stick to, so instead look for small changes you can make. Do you open Instagram every time you’ve got ten minutes to kill before a meeting?

Use small moments of time- even in five minute increments- to catch up on projects, get started on them, or just break them into smaller to-do lists.

You know yourself, so design the kind of system that works for you if you’re not a List Person. The point is to decide what you’ll replace bad habits with in a concrete way, then implement that as best you can.

Last words

It’s hard to break bad habits, so expect that there will be a certain amount of backsliding involved with this project.

Just be stubborn about it and chip away at the changes a little at a time.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash