Kraft builds its big game ad from UGC

UGC isn’t new when it comes to big game ads- recall Dorito’s Crash The Super Bowl contests of years past- but Kraft is taking it to a new level by incorporating near real-time content from fans the day of the big game.

In order to get the word out, they’ve been teasing the campaign:

And Kraft has fortunately learned from brands in the past who have tried to automate these kinds of campaigns; the images submitted will be reviewed by real humans before the final ones are selected to appear in the ad.

So why UGC? It’s just one tactic to extend the life of the ad, per Marketing Dive:

“With Super Bowl ads costing approximately $5 million a pop, Kraft is one of several brands trying to extend the life of their 30-second spot through social media, audience participation and other tactics.”

The chance to appear in the ad or see friends and family in the ad means participants are more willing to not only sit around and watch the ad, but share it on their own social networks.

It’s also a lot less expensive than working with a celebrity or other influencer and Kraft is emphasizing that approach in the above video, saying they want to share how real American families- whatever that means to viewers- celebrate the big game.

Contenders might consider artfully including some Kraft products in their shot with the kids and the dog, if they can.

ETA: Wondering how it went? Check out this writeup from PSFK. (Spoiler alert: There were many kids and dogs.)

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