The Week in Social #289

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All about Facebook

There has been a lot of panic around Facebook’s most recently announced News Feed changes. Here are The Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Coming News Feed Changes – from a Page Perspective from Andrew Hutchinson for Social Media Today.

The main point? Brands don’t need to panic as organic reach has been declining on Facebook for a while; it’s publishers that will be more impacted by this change. Still, you want to learn as much as you can about how Facebook and other algorithms work in order to create a comprehensive content strategy for your brand.

Some good points in this piece from Jon LoomerFacebook Marketers are Already Fumbling News Feed Change- including:

“Understand that brand content isn’t inherently bad. But marketers often create bad, unnatural, inauthentic, manipulative content. As a result, they’re lumped together.

But, I can tell you that not all brands will suffer from this. As I scroll my news feed, I still see a ton of brand content. And I fully expect I will continue to see brand content.

Why? The content I see isn’t manipulative trash. It’s useful, entertaining, educational, and natural.

I’m not going to act like this stuff is easy. Creating good content that people want to see when you’re trying to build a business and ultimately sell stuff is hard. It’s an insane challenge. Decide whether you’re up to that challenge.”

To focus on a more specific part of the News Feed content strategy, Becky Brooks asks What Facebook’s Latest News Feed Update Means for Your Video Marketing Strategy for SMT.

Finally, some advice from Facebook via Seb Joseph for DigidayFacebook to worried marketers: Get users to mark you as ‘see first’. It’s a small thing, but always consider how your audience will receive such an ask and frame it appropriately.

On everything else

If your brand is looking to get into podcasting, here’s a great read from Nikki Gilliland for Econsultancy on Creating a podcast strategy: Five tips for brands.

The latest platform updates

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