New year, new projects with Home Depot and Pinterest

The new year gets people thinking about all kinds of new projects they want to undertake: on themselves, their careers and their homes. For the last category, Home Depot has teamed up with go-to project cataloguer Pinterest to show users several condensed start-to-finish home projects with all kinds of special details fit in.

Oh, and it’s all built just for the platform. From Adweek:

“Titled ‘Built-In Pins,’ the promotional effort includes videos, images and a 360-degree interactive online shopping experience created with virtual reality advertising platform OmniVert—all tailored to fit the dimensions of Pinterest’s mobile platform, itself a popular source of visual ideas, including for interior design.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.48.39 PM
via The Home Depot on Pinterest

The videos do include interactive elements that let users see more details on what was used to complete the project- plus easy ways to buy those things- and they also include tip sheets and guides.

This is a smart campaign for the Pinterest-savvy who are looking to take on some home DIY-challenges this year; these videos definitely show more of what’s required in a project than just an “after” photo would, but they also still gloss over any possible pitfalls. As Adweek also put it, it’s still an ad. Just one “selling a slightly different, and to be fair, slightly more honest, kind of magic.”

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