Celebrity endorsements in the social media age

Celebrity-brand partnerships are nothing new in marketing, but they have evolved, particularly as younger audiences shift their trust from traditional celebrities to social media influencers.

Some celebrities tend to straddle that line, however, with devoted social media followings based not only on their celebrity but also on their online presence. One such man is DJ Khaled— and in this new year he’s partnering with Weight Watchers.

This partnership isn’t your usual before-and-after photo campaign, either. The appeal of a celebrity influencer like DJ Khaled is that he can give fans and followers a level of accessibility and familiarity with his Weight Watchers process through social that isn’t possible with traditional advertising. Coupling that with his celebrity draw means fans and followers who otherwise might not be interested in learning more about the brand will do so anyway. From Marketing Dive:

“The new social media ambassador will document his experiences and weight loss journey using the new WW Freestyle program on Snapchat as @djkhaled305, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The messaging will focus on the freedom Weight Watchers gives him to make healthy choices while leading a busy lifestyle.

DJ Khaled will use a Weight Watchers coach and the company’s mobile app to follow WW Freestyle, which launched in December 2017 with a campaign featuring Oprah Winfrey.”

There’s also the added celebrity “cool” factor, which is especially helpful to Weight Watchers as they try to transition into a healthy lifestyle brand for younger audiences and lose the stigma of being a weight-loss-only destination for older women.

That’s a neat new twist on not only celebrity marketing, but also the weight-loss marketing that always comes around after the holiday season.

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