The Week in Social #283

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On influencer marketing

Before you decide to partner with an influencer for a campaign, look at the research behind your target audience. For example, David Kirkpatrick shares a Study: 78% of millennials aren’t influenced by celebrity endorsements in Marketing Dive, indicating that a macro-or micro-influencer partnership would better serve a brand wanting to reach millennials than a more “traditional” celebrity influencer partnership.

And it’s not just millennials that feel that way, either:

“Millennials aren’t alone in rejecting star-powered endorsements. A separate survey of U.S. adult internet users from Collective Bias found a mere 22.1% report being more willing to make a holiday gift purchase from an unknown brand or retailer based on a celebrity endorsement, according to eMarketer.”

Here’s a new one: You’ve almost definitely heard about influencers by now, but have you heard about affluencers? Peter Minnium breaks down The influence of affluence: How to leverage the ‘Affluencers’ for Marketing Land.

On video marketing

If you’ve been wanting to get started with Instagram Stories for your brand but aren’t sure where to start, Testing Out Instagram Stories For Your Business from Marji J. Sherman for Social Fresh is exactly what you need.

If you’re expanding your video marketing plans in 2018, you might want to keep in mind Why Emotion Is So Essential to Effective Video Marketing, as Christina Moravec shares for Convince & Convert.

If it’s expert advice you’re looking for, check out 3 Social Media Truths from GaryVee at The Social Video Marketing Summit from Becky Brooks for Social Media Today. Is there one platform you should be focusing on as a business? No:

“Instead, he hit home again and again that the platform we use to get that attention may change – in fact, it almost certainly will. Businesses have to accept this reality if they’re going to figure out how to stay relevant.”

On holiday  marketing

If you need help to shine this holiday season on Instagram, they’ve released a holiday toolkit to help you do just that: Instagram’s holiday business toolkit.

All of the latest platform updates

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