How to plan your best CTA for each platform

The exact audience for your brand on each social platform is always a little bit different; some will follow you on Twitter for a slightly different reason than they choose to follow you on Instagram, and they’re probably looking for slightly different things from you in each place.

It’s important to keep that in mind when you’re writing content- and especially CTAs- for each place. Tailoring individual CTAs can make a big difference in how much your audience engages with your content in each place.

With that in mind, we wrote up our advice for how to plan your best CTAs for each platform. Got a question or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.

Know your goals

Your audience is following you on different platforms for slightly different reasons; for example, they might want to be able to reach you quickly with a question on Twitter, they want to get to know your brand and the people behind it a little better through your Instagram Stories.

This means you should also have slightly different goals for each platform, and therefore CTAs to match them. Craft your tweets to encourage followers to click back to a specific product page or blog post, for example, and use Instagram to show off your company culture and office space if you’re doing a hiring push after the new year.

You also want to ask how your goals for each platform reinforce larger company goals, from quarterly goals to longer-term goals. How can you support those goals in each place?

Make your CTAs clear

Have one clear CTA in mind for each place: What do you want your audience to do there? Based on what you know about why they follow you there, is it likely that what you want them to do is something they will actually do?

Be sure you’re writing to the audience that you know in each place. If you don’t know them well, it’s time to put in that work.

Work from the best

As part of your year-end audit, look at the CTAs you’ve been writing. Have they been clear or have they been too vague? Were your most successful posts successful because you had a clear CTA? Do you think you could improve their performance even further if they did not include one?

Take your most successful CTAs and tweak and repurpose them over time in the coming year, paying attention to how your audience responds.

Leave room to experiment

As always, we recommend leaving some room in your strategy to try out some new things every once in a while. Experiment with other elements to support your CTA; this will vary by features available by platform.

Twitter might need fewer competing elements, for example, while on Instagram you could use Stories to reinforce interaction with your latest post.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash