#MirryChristmus from Air New Zealand

Brands usually go one of two directions with holiday marketing: Sentimental schmaltz, or humor. The memorable ads come when something a little different gets put together, or brands put a new twist on some longstanding tropes.

Imagining the inner workings of Santa’s workshop isn’t a new idea, but Air New Zealand put something of a new twist on it, having Santa take direct calls from kids around the world, then running into a little trouble with New Zealand accents.

The solution is, of course, to call in Air New Zealand’s flight attendants for a little lesson on how the Kiwi accent works (after getting yelled at by a Scottish elf who can undoubtedly empathize).

Air New Zealand is also smartly remixing and reimagining content from the ad in their social posts, like this tweet explaining how the Kiwi accent works that’s a repackaging of one of the flight attendant’s lines in the video.

It’s refreshing to have a brand directly riffing on itself, as that isn’t something widely seen in holiday marketing. It’s not a new move for the brand either, making it fit into their wider brand voice and values. From Adweek:

“Air New Zealand has an illustrious history of playing on quirks, giving its motherland an appeal that’s less about the terrain and more about laugh-with-us charisma.”

So take some Kiwi lessons and wish your loved ones a #MirryChristmus this year. (That hashtag is another smart move, tapping into holiday cheer while still being distinctive.)

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