Embrace the uncomfortable this holiday with Poo-Pourri

Many brands have strayed from a traditional, reserved brand voice in advertising to embrace weirdness and humor. None fits quite so well with their product as Poo-Pourri does, however; they take a social taboo and tap into the humor around it for their advertising.

And this holiday season they’ve enlisted the help of a very special influencer: Spiritual guru JP Sears.

The full ad runs more like a short film at five minutes and it fits perfectly in with both Poo-Pourri’s branding and JP Sears’s tone of complete seriousness that gently mocks new age spiritualism and other of-the-moment trends, while still encouraging audiences to better themselves.

The best influencer partnerships match perfectly in tone- and this one definitely nails that- but both could have done more with execution. Poo-Pourri only has one tweet with a GIF from the ad in it (and with five minutes there’s plenty of material to work with for repurposing) and JP Sears has retweeted the actress who serves as the Poo-Pourri spokeswoman once.

Brands tend not to maximize the content from influencer partnerships, an unfortunate waste of resources both monetarily and in terms of content. In the competitive holiday advertising space, it would be wise for brands to get absolutely everything they can out of what they’ve worked on.

Poo-Pourri does get bonus points, however, for pointing out all the perfect ways this weird little gift can work: As a white elephant gift, a stocking stuffer, or for the host of your large extended family. Their humorous self-awareness around how weird their product is (a tagline is “buy it because it’s funny; keep it because it works”) also brings potential customers in on the joke, making them more likely to pick it up next time they see it in the grocery store checkout line.

Happy holidays!

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