From the other side of the metrics: Our favorite guest posts

We build the analytics around here so it’s easy for us to get caught up in things from that end of the spectrum. With that in mind, we’ve reached out to some different perspectives on using social media over the past few months, from Instagram influencers to podcasters and more.

If you’ve missed any of our excellent guest posters, we recommend catching up on what they have to say around different social media strategies and more; there are a lot of takeaways for any kind of brand.

What it’s like when your Instagram hobby goes big: An interview with BeerYoga

Go behind the scenes of what it’s like to run a big influencer account that combines your interests from two different, very popular industries: Yoga and craft beer.

Brooke started the account for fun and has grown it into her career, giving her a unique insight into the platform and one that’s important for brands- especially those wanting to work with influencers- to understand.

Read the interview here.

Building a social media community from a podcast

Podcasts are a hugely popular medium that bring a unique challenge: How do you build a social community around a completely auditory format? Jackie J launched Natch Beaut earlier this year and the Facebook community has already grown immensely, with members seeking advice from one another on a range of beauty-related topics.

Jackie’s experience with building a social presence across Twitter and Instagram from her start on Snapchat will also be a valuable read for anyone behind a brand.

Read the interview here.

Finding balance with multiple careers on social media

If you have more than one job and a social life, how do you balance presenting all of that on social media?

This guest post from Tabitha Lipkin covers how she presents her own life and careers across social, as well as the work she does for brands. A ton of great takeaways for anyone running social for their personal brand, multiple brands, or all of the above!

3 ways to avoid losing yourself while gaining a following on social

When you have a very public job- such as a journalist- people can feel entitled to your time and attention on social media.

Read about how Mireya Garcia juggles her personal and professional life on social media.

What it’s like when your dog is Instagram famous

We have to admit we’re all curious: What, exactly, is it like to run an account for your pet who is more famous than you are? We got the inside scoop from Melissa Kraemer, momager of Brim The Mastiff who sits like people on his couch for all of his Instagram followers.

Read the interview here.

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