Model employees: Sephora casts its own in a diverse holiday campaign

Employee advocacy is an important part of many brand strategies, but Sephora just took theirs even further by casting their own employees in a diverse holiday campaign. (Who wouldn’t help boost a campaign they modeled in, after all?) Fitting since their employees are known as “cast members” in the first place.

On the details of this campaign, PSFK writes:

“‘Reach Out and Gift’ is the theme, and the company hopes that by showing a variety of models, people will find it easier to find gifts that will flatter their friend’s features. 10 employees from across the U.S. were chosen to participate in this new campaign. Deborah Yeh, the senior vice president of marketing and brand at Sephora, tells Racked that the idea behind the campaign is to put the company’s money where its mouth is:

‘We’ve been having the conversation about unique perspectives in beauty and celebrating diversity in our marketing for a number of years. But this is our first opportunity to really show it in such a demonstrative way, by elevating real people from the real Sephora beauty community.’”

When companies take action on their brand values, it solidifies their relationship with their fans, followers and customers as a brand with follow-through, one that you want to do business with and are proud of giving your money to.

It’s also a smart business move to let the public know Sephora provides products to serve customers outside of the very narrow view of beauty often advertised— that of very thin, white women.

Sephora employees are well-known experts on makeup, too, so seeing examples of products customers could buy for friends and family as modeled by a diverse cast of brand experts is another compelling reason to purchase.

So far they’ve been sharing pieces of the campaign on Instagram, and hopefully they’ll take advantage of repurposing pieces of content from the campaign across social platforms as the holiday season goes on.

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