Checking in on your 2017 visual content marketing and planning for 2018

As 2017 winds down and we head into 2018, we’re doing our best to help you tie up all your loose ends and head into next year with an organized social and content strategy across the board.

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Review your brand

As part of your audit of your content- social and otherwise- you should definitely be measuring how your visual content is performing relative to other types of content. A few questions to start with:

  • Does it perform better or worse?
  • Do certain types of visual content outperform others?
  • Are there types of visual content your brand hasn’t tried yet?
  • Are there new formats you could test in the new year?

You should also look at your competitors to see what they’re doing and how their visual content is performing. What can you do that your competitors aren’t? What can you do better than them?

Check in with industry influencers for inspiration, too.

Review the best practices

What are best practices for visual content marketing in your industry? If they don’t exist, you have the freedom to create them, but you also have no guidelines to work from which can be scary. Don’t be afraid to take some smart risks (based on content performance and trends) and do a little experimenting to see what your audience responds to the best.

If your industry does have visual content marketing best practices, how can you build on them? How can you depart from them in a smart way? If your brand has been following them to the letter with a lukewarm response from your audience, it’s definitely time to try some new things.

What can you experiment with?

We just discussed experimenting in the previous section, but it always deserves a section of its own because it’s where your brand can find the space to try new things, express itself, and grow. This is particularly true with visual content marketing.

You want to have consistent visual content marketing so fans and followers know something is from your brand when they see it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak your visuals and their delivery to find the best new ways to express your brand visually.

Experimentation can also be more about the types of information you’re sharing visually; now that new platform features exist like Instagram Stories, it might make sense for your brand to test doing some Q&As or product demos when it might not have made sense to have these are part of your visual content marketing strategy before.

Make sure it’s all based on accurate measurements

The bottom line is that you can’t have an effective content marketing strategy across social- including visual content marketing- if you don’t have a comprehensive measurement system in place.

Something like our analytics can tell you which posts are performing the best, allowing you to identify similar visual markers your audience might be responding to, as well as telling you which platforms your visual content performs best on.

If one platform is outperforming all of the others, you can draw inspiration from the format there for the other platforms you have a presence on to see if you can boost your performance.

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Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash