Write your tweets with your goals in mind

It’s easy to get caught up in deadlines and focused on just churning out the content your team needs; sometimes that’s just what has to happen. But let this post serve as a reminder to step back when you can and remember to keep your goals in mind when you’re writing any kind of content, down to the smallest tweet.

This kind of reset is especially important if you’ve been noticing your content isn’t getting the engagement levels it used to, or otherwise feels stale (or is falling short of other important measurement goals your company has established).

Sound good? Then we’ll get into it. As always, if you have any questions, you can find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.

What you should always keep in mind

Whenever you’re working on brand-related content, from long-form pieces like whitepapers down to the smallest tweet, there are some things you should always keep in mind and refer back to when necessary: Your brand voice, your brand values and any established branding you have in the form of visual content marketing, hashtags, etc.

This might seem silly when you’re writing tweets, but it’s easy to remember an example of coming across a social post from a brand that just seemed jarring in relation to the rest of their content. Most likely it didn’t match their established brand voice or clashed in some way with their established brand values.

Every tweet doesn’t have to reinforce all of these things, but if something seems off it’s usually because these basics were ignored.

What’s always changing

While some things should remain generally steady, others will be in a more expected state of change. For example, your goals will differ if you’re writing tweets for a specific campaign vs. just writing everyday, organic content for your timeline.

While you’re working on content for the short term,  be sure you’re asking yourself if this particular tweet needs to relate back to any current campaign you’re running or one you’re about to launch. Maybe your team has recently discussed new goals for your everyday, organic content or even just a desire to strengthen the engagement with your audience. Figure out how you can remind yourself of these goals while you’re in your regular writing process.

One more thing to consider? The ever-changing news cycle and its current climate. Tragedy is unavoidable in life, but we’re also living through a period where social media makes it feel more frequent and devastating than ever. Your brand doesn’t owe the world commentary on everything that happens, but do keep recent events in mind before you publish content, especially if it has been pre-written weeks or months ago.

Some things can be tweaked and others should be held, sometimes even indefinitely. Have a crisis plan and team in place to refer to so they can make the necessary decisions should you find yourselves in this particular situation.


Finally, the best way to know if you are meeting your goals or what goals you should set for your brand next is to measure.

And as always, we’re happy to help with that if you need us! Get started below.

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