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Every other Thursday you can find our Social Media Manager Sarah and our Customer Support Rep Betsy- and sometimes a surprise guest or two!- on Instagram and Facebook Live for office hours.

From 31 different broadcasts, Betsy and Sarah are sharing their top tips from office hours.

Betsy’s top tip

When you’re sharing tips with your audience via social (or, you know, a blog) make your tip timely, relevant, but not recycled. Our tip of the week is often picked to highlight a new or freshly updated feature. We aim to point out something that might not make it into the help docs, or encourage users to try the feature out in an interesting or helpful way.

Tips have also been chosen based on trends in customer interactions or questions.  If you see 3-4 people asking the same question, it’s not a bad idea to drop a helpful tip into a few different places, office hours, a nice tweet, personalized candygrams.

Sarah’s top tip

Something I’ve talked about again and again in office hours (and written about in blog posts!) is the importance of experimentation. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with social media marketing and feel like every other brand has it figured out better than you do, but the truth is that this industry is growing and changing every day and we all have the chance to shape our brands with it.

While it’s smart to work from best practices and build from analytics as a base, there’s no better way to unlock something a little magical with your audience than by experimenting. You should always leave at least a little bit of room in your content calendars and strategy planning sessions for it. Fans, followers and customers can tell when you’re having fun— and when you’re not.

Something doesn’t have to take off and “go viral” in order to count as a success either; any experiment that teaches you more about your target audience or that strengthens your relationship with your existing customer base is a win.

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