Tips to manage social when your office is closed over the holidays

Taking time away from social is crucial for your health, happiness and general well-being but it can also feel like you’re letting your customers, fans and followers down if you aren’t available to them 24/7 on social, even during the holidays.

How do you strike the right balance between being a responsive brand and also maintaining your sanity? It can be tricky, but it is manageable. Here are our tips for having the best holiday social support possible while your office is closed. (Because it’s already almost Halloween, which means Thanksgiving and everything else is right around the corner!)

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Plan ahead

Taking the time to establish a few things before the holidays get in full swing will save you a lot of headaches. You want to know who’s monitoring which accounts at what times and who is responsible for responding to questions or support requests—  especially if those won’t always be the same people.

For example, someone more junior might be monitoring the Twitter account but get a question they can’t answer with a simple link to the FAQ page. Who do they reach to resolve the question? How do they reach them?

You also want to decide how long will be considered an acceptable amount of time before a question gets answered and have your team stick to it as much as possible. (You might allow a little more time for a response over the holidays than normally.)

You may want to consider posting limited hours in your bio and/or in pinned posts on your social feeds so customers, fans and followers can know how soon to expect a response. You can also refer them to resources on your website or a customer support phone line if necessary.

Be prepared

It’s a very good idea to have a holiday edition of your crisis communication plan in place, just in case. This means just thinking about a few holiday-specific circumstances you might not have to deal with when executing your regular crisis plan.

For example, if the person normally in charge of executing your plan will be staying in a place with spotty service during the holidays, you might want to put someone else on point. Appoint a chain of succession in case multiple people aren’t reachable.

Keep an eye on things

Set up regular monitoring you can easily check in on to head off any issues before they become real problems. We’re always happy to help with that, if you’d like to get started today!

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