Get a Halloween treat with these bite-sized horror films

Halloween is obviously an important time of year for candy brands and Mars candy has done something truly attention-grabbing this year with a series of bite-sized horror films (all two minutes) that are each sponsored by a different brand of Mars candy and are truly a treat for horror fans. They partnered with Fox for the project, so each has aired on Fox exclusively.

Adweek breaks it down:

“The films are very well made. Obviously, it’s easier to present something convincing when you don’t have to squeeze the brand or product into the plot. (The giant product images that lead into the films were apparently the compromise here.) But underwriting long-form content like this, in a deal with a broadcaster to air on its network and cable properties, makes for a very entertaining product—and reflects well on the brands themselves.”

You can see all four films embedded in the Adweek article.

Image via Adweek

While the films are incredibly well executed, they are wasted on their exclusive commercial airtime. Fox and Mars alike would do better to at least tease them across their social platforms, letting fans and followers know when and where they can see the full shorts. With the current emphasis on social video, even setting an exclusive place to find them on a social platform would make more sense than only leaving their viewing to chance.

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