All of our favorite Halloween campaigns

If you’re a regular reader of our Campaigns We Love series, you’ll have noticed a theme in our chosen campaigns over the last few weeks as Halloween approached (it has been very spooky).

We gathered all of our favorite Halloween campaigns here so you can get inspired for all of your holiday marketing needs, whether that means sketching out ideas for next year or putting together a last-minute plan for your business for this year (it happens).

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Dunkin Donuts + Dancing Pumpkin Man

Dancing Pumpkin Man has danced his way into our collective Halloween hearts on the Internet, taking what was done to simply fill airtime on a local Nebraska station in 2006 to the next level as it became a meme and he found himself on America’s Got Talent— and now dancing in partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts and the release of their new Halloween-themed doughnuts.

This is a partnership that is fun and silly, hitting the right tone both for the brand and the star of the meme. If they had just used the concept of a Dancing Pumpkin Man rather than the actual man himself, this would have fallen flat, making them seem like they just wanted to capitalize on something that’s been popular on the internet around Halloween for years and not quite in-touch with it.

You can get the full campaign breakdown here.

Smarties + Bloggers

Smarties went a different direction with their campaign, partnering with several bloggers for their #LittleSmarties initiative.

This was a fantastic idea that fizzled on execution: The bloggers didn’t make their own original posts about the campaign, some saying nothing at all and others simply retweeting Smarties. Smarties also simply shared the exact same posts from Twitter on Facebook, where the format suffered; the Twitter handles of the bloggers remained tagged in the post, rather than checking for their correct Facebook Pages or simply editing to remove the tags.

The hashtag #LittleSmarties could also be owned by the brand better; if Smarties themselves tweeted using it more along with the bloggers, they could have  pushed unconnected, older posts from other users deeper into the search results.

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Bite-sized horror films from Mars

Mars candy didn’t go for influencers, but for short films “sponsored” by their different candy brands and produced in partnership with Fox.

That, however, brings us to the drawback of the execution on this campaign: The shorts aired exclusively on Fox and haven’t even been repurposed or teased across the social platforms of either brand. That wastes a lot of potential on some very well-executed video.

Get our full breakdown of the campaign here, as well as the link to the article where the films are embedded.

AKC Link + Harlow and Sage

When you think of Instagram influencers, people probably come to mind before dogs, but for a brand selling smart dog collars, pairing with popular Instagram dog duo (now a quartet, actually) Harlow and Sage was a smart move. The video made for the campaign is also so cute and well-executed it would work perfectly as a standalone ad on any platform, not just on Instagram where the dogs are well-known.

This campaign is an excellent example of how seamless an influencer partnership should feel, though.

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Can’t get enough?

If you love Halloween campaigns and can’t get enough, or just need a little more holiday campaign inspiration, check out the recording of the webinar where our marketing team discusses these Halloween campaigns plus some others, like this The Ring-esque effort from Svedka that plays with the inherent creepiness some consumers find in retargeted ads.

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Photo by Beth Teutschmann on Unsplash