The Week in Social #274

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On influencer marketing

We’ll start with a title from  Paul Johnson for Adweek that’s slightly misleading: Here’s Why You’re (Probably) Wasting Money on Influencer Marketing. It’s not that influencer marketing as a whole isn’t worth the investment, it’s that brand-influencer partnerships need to be well-thought-out matches and brands need to utilize all of the content produced to its maximum potential.

“Many first-time campaigns show initial promise—with great reach and engagement and comments like, “I love that! I need one!”—but then underwhelm when it comes to conversions. To start seeing real results, you’ll need multiple touchpoints and three to six months to pay dividends.”

L2 echoes this perfect-fit approach with Influencers Aren’t Always Influential from Alizah Farooqi.

“When building an influencer-brand relationship, both parties should prioritize maximizing authenticity. This means knowing each other’s audiences, expectations, and individual voices as brands. This does not mean that brands can only pair up with their influencer proxies, but that the partnership should be tailored to fit both parties’ needs. By staying on top of trends, recognizing what the influencer is best known for, and interweaving aspects of one another’s identity, a brand-influencer partnership can exist and thrive on its own as a strategy for audience growth.”

If your brand is currently working with influencers or looking to, you need to know the latest from the FTC.  Laura Petrolino covers just exactly that in FTC Disclosure: The Latest Guidelines for Social Media Influencers for Spin Sucks.

FTC disclosure 2

And as we always say: When in doubt, disclose. 

On content marketing

Great advice from Joe Griffin for Convince & Convert on How to Stay Relevant as a Writer in the Visual Age. (The good news is that some people will always prefer reading to watching a video or taking in some other kind of visual stimuli.)

The latest platform updates

Finally, we do our best to keep track of and round up all of the latest platform updates each week for you. Here’s this week’s batch:

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