The Week in Social #273

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On video marketing

Be sure you’re getting the most out of your videos once you’ve made them. Liz Jostes breaks down how to do this with your Facebook video library in Facebook Business Page Video Library for Eli Rose’s blog.

It’s not just a landscape world anymore: Three Considerations Before Shooting Vertical Video Content from Colin Marchon for Likeable Media’s blog.

And don’t forget to make those videos work for you: Nikki Gilliland shares Four ways marketers can increase conversions from social video for Econsultancy’s blog.

On podcasts and everything else

If you’re considering podcasting for your brand, read this first from Sherice Jacob for the Kissmetrics blog: Podcasts: Your Next Great Marketing Channel, Or Just a Fad?

Marketers have more data than ever, so why aren’t they better at experimentation? A good look at a hard question from Frederic Kalinke for the Econsultancy blog. A good excerpt:

“As the categories of data available to marketers have multiplied, the possibilities for experimentation have grown exponentially. However, in practice this has not led to the proliferation of a diverse range of experimental approaches to marketing. Instead, there has been a succession of “next big things” (such as AI), which seem to sweep the industry each year. The prospective benefits of each of these potential innovations and the specific uses for them end up being submerged by the hype. Brands frantically attempt to emulate their competitors to avoid being seen as technological laggards. The appearance of innovation trumps real experimentation.

This is because too much marketing data is not collected with a specific purpose, it is simply collected in a way that encourages marketers to emulate their competitors and reinforce the status quo. A successfully experimental approach to marketing therefore requires marketers to put their own creativity first.”

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