Patrón taps filmmaker Guillermo del Toro in a perfectly pitched short

Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is known for the darker cast to a lot of his works, often underlying that darkness with humor and hope where appropriate. “Tequila” might not spring to mind when you read that description, but his recent partnership with Patrón makes sense when you watch the three minute short it produced; those elements are all combined into a story of rebirth in the transformation of the agave plant into its final tequila form.

You might assume del Toro has directed a story he wrote to relay this, but it’s just him talking tequila to the viewer, albeit drawing on his signature style to do so (and actually drawing a design for the packaging):

As Marketing Dive explains:

“Patrón’s collaboration with del Toro is another example of how brands are starting to turn to Hollywood for talent and video content inspiration. In this case, the spot is closer to a more traditional celebrity sponsorship, as del Toro is simply starring in the video rather than creating or directing it.”

It’s obviously longer than a standard advertisement too- going against the grain of so many articles declaring declining attention spans and 6-second ads- betting that the audience will be drawn in by the tone and the storytelling.

The packaging really brings everything together; having seen this spot, it would be hard to miss what that skeleton bottle in the store is.

All in all, this is a pitch-perfect collaboration that nails the spirit of the brand just right and taps into the talents of the celebrity spokesperson in a perfect, slightly unexpected way.

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