Finding balance with multiple careers on social media

We build the analytics around here so it’s easy for us to get caught up in things from that end of the spectrum. With that in mind, we’re reaching out to some different perspectives on using social media, from Instagram influencers to podcasters and more.

This is a guest post from Tabitha Lipkin, a Fox 5 San Diego personality, Emmy Award winner, Dive Master and former Miss Scuba International— among many, many other things (like a former door-to-door meat saleswoman). What’s it like to balance several different careers- not to mention a personal life- all on social media? We’re glad you asked!

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When asked to do this blog, had to sit honestly, and ask myself. . .how do I balance my personal life, my several jobs, and the work I do for social media? The answer is, I don’t. “Balance” is a loose term. It’s more of something roughly shoved between my two jobs, a few hours of sleep, and the occasional beer with friends.

But, as we all know, social media is now more than ever, an imperative way to connect. We use it to share moments in our lives that we find relevant, and also use it to get a glimpse into people, places, and things we feel a connection to— or want to connect to. I have an interesting take because, not only do I run my own social media profiles, which have a decent following, but I also run social media for several companies on the side. When it comes to my personal profiles. I like to stick to what I know will be successful. Since I’m a TV personality. . .people like to feel like they’re close to me, whether it me posting a picture of myself at my work, or posting about something I’m doing in my limited personal time.

One thing that’s hard to get away from is a constant expectation to provide quick, digestible content on a daily basis. When you know people are going to watch, and people connect with you through social media, you feel an obligation to provide. Social Media performance is now a part of my job. We all know, jobs are not just 9-5 anymore, they extend way into our personal time. . .and as a personality, I’m being watched 24/7.

Here’s the breakdown of what I use, and how I use it.

I use Instagram the most to tell daily stories with it’s Stories feature. This gives me a pretty big platform to feature things I want to talk about, but not necessarily feature in my gallery. The gallery, used for special content and the occasional “paid” post. Snapchat is mainly used for friends. My Instagram (IG) and Snaps are usually somewhat identical. And honestly, I feel Snapchat will die soon due to Instagram’s Stories.

Twitter is where I can actually post as myself more often then any other place. It’s really a place to be funny, and make important statements, so that’s what I use it for. My Facebook, by far, has the most following, but due to it’s algorithm, I don’t get a lot of interaction on post unless I boost (pay for people to see) it. This is an issue I don’t think will be resolved soon, therefore I put a lot more weight on Instagram.

I use the same format with the companies’ social media that I run, except that I use their Facebook Page as a bigger platform because their markets tend to be older generations who use Facebook more. AND it’s not as weird to boost a company’s message—  as it would be for me to boost a random picture of myself at work (at least that’s how I see it).

I understand this blog may be used to reach out to those looking to learn a little more about brand/personalty crossover. A huge mistake I see in companies that hire someone to do their social media is that often that person hired has a background and experience in traditional marketing (which is great), but social media has really changed the game and what might have worked 10 years ago no longer applies.

Authenticity is the most important part of any social media post. If you’re using an “influencer” to get your message out, you need to make sure that person actually cares. Otherwise your message will just be seen as “another ad”. Follow-up with all posts and try to engage with people as they engage in the post. If someone comments on a post and says “Hey, I love this, where can I buy it?” or “Wow this is great” you definitely want to give them more information in a timely and fun manner.

That bring me to another good point: Comedy. People are so much more likely to respond to something funny than anything else. People are tired of being sold, they want to connect and know a human is behind what they’re seeing. I have found laughter to be a universal language. Don’t always bombard people with your business message or statement. If you’re a cell phone case company, sure you’ll post about your cases, but mix it up and also post about a big sports game or something relevant and timely. People will stop following you if they feel they’re always seeing the exact same message.

Post daily. On every platform. Do not link profiles to one another. That’s lazy and it looks lazy. Whoever is doing social media should be posting natively through each account. The biggest mistake I see is when Twitter and Instagram or Twitter and Facebook are linked. They’re owned by two different companies and are not meant to crossover.

If you stick with those things, your social media will be- as the kids say- poppin’.

Disclaimer: This was written between two shows, and seven social media posts. . .if I can do it, you certainly can too! 

A big thanks to Tabitha for taking the time to write this for us! You can find and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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