Dominos on Instagram: An ode to brand realism

Amidst all of the fancy #foodstagrams and perfectly lit, artful #brunch shots on Instagram there is also #unphotogenicfood. By most brand standards, that’s exactly what Domino’s Instagram feed is: Amateur shots of greasy pizza boxes rather than the cleaner, hopelessly aspirational shots of all its fast food brethren.

And the reality is refreshing. What you see on the Domino’s Instagram feed is what will arrive at your door and you can create the exact same shot in your own kitchen that you see on your Instagram feed as one of their followers.

From FastCoDesign:

“Instead of employing professional photographers, Domino’s relies on its digital marketing team to update the social media feeds. The cinema verité approach began in 2012, when Domino’s launched the Show Us Your Pizza Campaign, and shared the (often ugly) food photos taken by its customers. After that, the aesthetic just stuck. And today, the pizzas Domino’s photographs are all real, either pulled from a test kitchen oven, or delivered by an employee, no food stylist required. And, clearly, there’s no sweating the need for natural light or perfect post-processing by Domino’s employees who will sometimes even take photographs in their own suburban homes. Domino’s is a living embodiment of a #nofilter brand.”

We talk a lot about how brands should stick to their values and voice when they’re designing visual content and this is a perfect example of a brand really being rewarded for embracing that approach. The pizza you see on the Domino’s feed is the exact same pizza that will come to your door. That’s a level of authenticity and transparency that you don’t see in food marketing.

While Domino’s may have fewer followers than some of its competitors, it does have more engagement on its posts, which means a more committed and involved audience.

“In theory, Domino’s will only drive more loyalty with every person who sees a deflated pile of cheese sticks on its feed and orders them in real life, because Domino’s is delivering on its promise. And in the age of the unicorn-colored influencer, when nothing we see in social media is really all that real, perhaps society is using Domino’s to self-administer its own antidote, one soggy slice at a time.”

What you see is exactly what you get. And that’s nice.

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