The Week in Social #268

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On influencer marketing, fraud and algorithms

Fraud in influencer marketing is increasingly becoming a concern, but it doesn’t take much work to vet an influencer. Natalie Koltun dives into the issue for Mobile Marketing in Insta-fakers: When fraud hits influencer marketing, and Patricio Robles discusses it for Econsultancy’s blog in Are marketers underestimating the fraud threat to influencer marketing?.

Andrew Hutchinson discusses how Twitter’s Timeline is Becoming More Algorithm-Influenced – Here’s How to Take Advantage for Social Media Today, and based on his experience with recent new features he has concluded:

“What this shows, at least to some degree, is that Twitter’s algorithm:

Focuses on recency – As opposed to the accounts you’re following or what, historically, you tweet about – which makes sense, if they want to get new users more active, they need to show them more relevant content based on their latest interests
Can be heavily influenced by user actions – For example, you’d probably have difficulty knowing exactly why Facebook’s algorithm is showing you this or that, but as I recently found, you can change your Twitter timeline by simply selecting ‘I don’t like this’ on, maybe, two or three tweets”

Think about how your brand can use this knowledge to test some new approaches with your own Twitter strategy. The article goes on to make a few recommendations and also to reiterate a relevant and balanced approach so you don’t mark your brand as coming across desperate or spammy.

Bonus read for Instagram marketers: Instagram Provides Examples of Creative Ways to Use Stories Ads, also from Andrew Hutchinson for SMT. 

All the latest platform updates

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