The Week in Social #267

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On all things content marketing

How do you tell your brand’s story in a way the customer wants to hear it? eMarketer explores this challenge in The Art of Storytelling Meets the Science of Data Analysis. Here’s an example- using a movie release- of how to make this work well:

“The first exposure is to a video ad featuring the movie’s trailer. If the user watches the trailer, he will later be targeted with a direct-response ad calling him to purchase a ticket to the movie online. But if another user doesn’t watch the video at the first exposure, she’ll be targeted with the video again—on a different device, in hopes that reaching her in a different way will make a view more likely. If she still shows no interest in the video, she won’t be touched with that campaign again, whereas if she does watch, she’ll later be invited to purchase a ticket.

This type of messaging allows marketers to take advantage of a range of formats and platforms to tell their story to consumers over time in a relevant—and respectful—way. Personalization and automation are at the heart of these efforts, said Perrin.”

We’re all always looking for ways to become more productive and efficient, so these 10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow from Heather Hurst for Convince & Convert are definitely worth a look. (If you’ve got workflow tips to add, definitely find us on Twitter and tell us about them!)

On video

Important things for any brand involved in video marketing on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook Releases New Report on Video Performance Across Facebook and Instagram, as broken down by Andrew Hutchinson for Social Media Today.  Here are 4 key takeaways from the report:

“1. Incorporate brand identity early (within the first 3 seconds)

2. Show the brand for at least half the video’s duration

3. Make the video as short as it can be and as long as it needs to be

4. Feature the message up-front for those who may not watch the whole video”

And the report shows that videos optimized for Facebook also performed well on Instagram, which is good news for brands with more limited resources.

On Instagram and influencers

If stationary brands aren’t on your Instagram radar, that’s okay, you can still learn some unexpected lessons from them to apply to any brand in this piece from Nikki Gilliland for Econsultancy’s blog: Six lessons we can learn from the best stationery brands on Instagram

Wondering if influencers are worth the investment? eMarketer covers that very question in Here’s Why Influencers Are Making Bank.

emarketer influencers making bank

All the latest platform updates

Not as many updates to report this week:

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