Summer of social: The best campaigns we’ve seen so far

Seasonality can be tricky for brands: You want to be timely and on-topic, but in a way that still fits with your brand and engages your audience. Some brands can go all-in on every season’s big moments, while others might not be able to tap into the content opportunities each season provides as easily. Others might need to think of ways to keep it fresh instead of falling back on old seasonal clichés.

As with all things in branded content marketing, there’s a lot to consider. With that in mind we’re sharing some of our favorite campaigns we’ve seen this summer across social. We’ll call it the summer of social.

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Tourism taps entertainment

Travel is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of summer, which means an extra dose of relevancy and creativity are often needed to catch the attention of audiences. Tourism Ireland does both with their ongoing campaign that ties into Game of Thrones, the wildly popular HBO show that does a lot of its filming in Northern Ireland.

Bringing together old, real world tradition and digital social marketing, they’ve created a special GoT tapestry. Econsultancy writes:

“The design, woven by the Thomas Ferguson mill, depicts classic scenes from the show, including the infamous Red Wedding. Tourism Ireland will release new sections of the tapestry as each episode is broadcast, rolling out related videos and content on social channels like Instagram Stories.”

A brilliant campaign to expand their reach to GoT audiences who might not have thought of traveling to the set locations of one of their favorite shows before. The slow rollout also keeps interest sustained in the campaign and fans can find it all online in one place, too.

Sports and social good

Wimbledon took place earlier this summer, and a sad moment came when a young fan asked a player for his towel and an older man grabbed it from him when that player- Jack Sock- acquiesced.

Fortunately social media was able to step in for social good, as Econsultancy writes:

“Naturally, Twitter users were outraged, and Jack Sock (who threw the towel post-match) appealed online to find the young lad. It wasn’t long before the boy directly responded on Instagram, receiving a replacement towel and an invite to watch Jack play once again.”

While this isn’t part of a campaign for a brand, it is an example of using social media for social good when an opportunity presents itself. Audiences appreciate authentic gestures of social good and increasingly want to align themselves with brands that represent their values.

Back-to-school ditches celebrities for unsung heroes

Old Navy has used a lot of celebrities in its advertising through the years, but this year they decided to tap into teachers for a back-to-school campaign full of creativity (that still manages to hold onto a celebrity element). HispanicPR blog breaks down the campaign, which unfolds in a series of music videos:

“The eight videos feature original songs penned and performed by extraordinary teachers from across the United States. Created in partnership with Pharrell Williams’ creative collective, i am OTHER, the videos celebrate the launch of Old Navy’s cause platform ONward! focused on taking the next generation to the next level.

In each video of the ONward! album, teachers impart important messages to the next generation through catchy tunes while outfitted in Old Navy’s latest back-to-school styles.”

The campaign goes further with its social good element too, working with cause platform ONward! to partner with nonprofits, in addition to their long-running relationship with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Old Navy is also smartly sharing pieces of the campaign across its social platforms, helping to ensure fans and followers find it in the place they like to spend time and engage with it in the format they prefer.

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