Social Media Summer School wrap-up: All the resources you need

Our Social Media Summer School series is coming to a close as Labor Day approaches, so we wanted to make sure you had access to everything we’ve shared in one easy place. So here’s our Social Media Summer School wrap-up, with all of the resources you need in one place, all for free (or the low price of one email address, in some cases.)

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Blog posts

For those who prefer the written word, we wrote up several blog posts to help with your social media strategy across the board:

Webinar recordings

For the audio-visual oriented among us, we’ve also done a series of webinars covering different aspects of social media strategy:

And that’s not all!

Join us for one final webinar in the series, this Thursday, August 31st at 9am PT/11am CT where our Marketing Manager and Social Media Manager will discuss how to increase your Twitter impressions.

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