Social Media Summer School: New to try in August

Social media changes fast, so now along with the platform updates we share in The Week in Social, we’ll be bringing you some ideas for things to try with your brand’s presence on social based on each month’s platform updates. This is the August edition.

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Two new things to try on Instagram

It’s no secret that commenting culture on social media can sometimes turn toxic. Instagram recently rolled out new ways to block offensive comments, so take a look at the settings to see how you can set things up for your brand or personal brand to minimize any time you might have to spend moderating trolling comments.

Another big update came in the form of the ability to send photo and video replies in response to Stories on Instagram. Consider how you can use this feature for your brand, watching other brand stories and those of your fans and followers and replying in a way that’s appropriate to your relationship. You might be able to create some brand awareness in a way that’s more fun than intrusive; just keep that in mind as you decide where and when to respond and choose an appropriate representative face for your brand.

One new things to try on Facebook

Facebook added the ability to create Groups directly connected to Pages, making it easier than ever for your brand to do some community building through the platform where many an audience spends a lot of their time. If community building is something you’ve been exploring for your brand and you know your target audience, fans and followers spend a lot of their time on Facebook, this is a great opportunity to capitalize on.

Brands can also consider building Groups especially for brand advocates or influencers that they’re working with, to test new ideas or campaigns or as just a place to connect regularly and build rapport among members (or all of the above).

One new thing to try on Twitter

Twitter updated its Notifications tab to show users what others are tweeting about and more. While many users aren’t thrilled with this update (which seems to be a mandatory reaction for most updates on social platforms), it’s an opportunity for brands to find new potentially relevant accounts to follow and interact with as appropriate for their own Twitter strategy. Pay attention to these new notifications in your tab and see if you can find new conversations and accounts to follow and learn from in your industry.

merle notifications

Two new things to try on Snapchat

Not to be eclipsed by the updates Instagram has made to Stories, Snapchat added the ability to add links to Snaps (only available to verified Instagram accounts and business accounts of a certain size), a huge boon for businesses on Snap that don’t have the budget for bigger advertising and other campaigns. Be picky about the links you share with your Snapchat audience, always making sure they’re relevant, and don’t overdo it. You don’t want to come across as desperate for clicks, or spammy.

You can also now smoothly record a series of Snaps in one take, then edit and upload them accordingly. Some celebrities and brands are using this feature, downloading the resulting video and uploading it to their Instagram Stories for a more seamless experience. You can test this with your audience, too.

Two new things to try on LinkedIn

Not to be left out, LinkedIn has made updates to allow multiple photo uploads in a single post and they’re also slowly rolling out the ability to upload native video. Start experimenting with both as soon as you get access, but keep in mind that LinkedIn has more polished and professional expectations than other platforms. That doesn’t mean you can’t have personality or a sense of humor, but keep everything brand-appropriate and fitting with your existing visual content marketing and brand voice.

Measure your experiments

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