Roundup: What’s new on social

Social changes fast, so even if you’re keeping up with the platform updates we share share each week in The Week in Social, you could miss something that’s a great opportunity for your brand to start testing out immediately. With that in mind we’ve done a simple, quick roundup of all the latest platform updates and feature enhancements from this summer. 

If you want a deeper dive into how you can use these features in your social strategy for your brand, check out our posts on New social media things to try in July and Social Media Summer School: New to try in August. In this post we’ve also highlighted features that might only be useful to individual users and not brands at this point, but those often spread to brands later, making it a good idea to test them from your personal account before you try them for your brand down the line.

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Instagram’s summer updates

You can now archive old posts on Instagram, add a replay of your live broadcast to your Story for 24 hours, and Instagram started testing a new form of sponsored post that makes it clearer when a post is a collaboration between an influencer and a brand (great for brands, influencers and the FCC).

They also added new ways to combat toxic comments and the ability to reply to Stories with photos and videos.

And brand new today? Instagram’s Latest Update Expands Live, Making It Much More Useful: Now you can add a second face to your Live broadcast on Instagram.

Facebook’s summer updates

The dream of the GIF reply in Facebook comments came true this summer, and they’re also rolling out some new social chat features. This comes in addition to some other video updates including a possibly forthcoming group video app, a GIF-maker, and the ability for Pages to connect existing Groups to them or create Page-specific Groups.

What else? Facebook Stories are coming to desktop.

Twitter’s summer updates

Twitter made some small design tweaks, like turning profile photos from squares to circles, and some bigger changes like new notifications.

Snapchat’s summer updates

Snap added several recent updates, including the ability to add links to your Snaps and continuously record several Snaps at once for a more seamless viewing experience.

LinkedIn’s summer updates

LinkedIn added a few new features to tweak the user experience this summer, including the ability to add photos in comment responses, upload several images into one post, and they’re slowly rolling out the ability to natively upload video.

Tumblr’s summer updates

Last but not least, Tumblr added Safe Mode this summer for a safer user experience. Brands with a community that’s active on Tumblr will definitely want to take note.

Featured image by Dũng Trần Việt on Unsplash