The latest in social video

Whether your brand is looking to finally dive into the social video waters, just dip your toes in, or add some new formats into your established social video strategy (sorry we dried up on the water metaphor), we’re covering all of the latest platform updates and strategies.

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The latest updates

This summer, Instagram Stories turned one and they added a few updates, including video (and photo) replies to Stories and now they’re rolling out the ability to add a second person to your Live Story.

Facebook is expanding its version of Stories to desktop, despite or perhaps because of low adaption; they’re hoping an expansion to desktop might make more Facebook users interested in that version of Stories. They’re also said to be testing a live group video chat app, but not many details are available about that yet.

Twitter announced some premium video content coming to the platform, which isn’t too different from Facebook’s TV-like plans. In fact you can look for BuzzFeed’s new morning show “AM to DM” on Twitter soon.

Meanwhile, Snapchat added the ability to continuously record several Snaps at once as well as add links to Snaps.

And not to be left out, LinkedIn is testing and rolling out the ability to upload native video.

What your brand can do with them

What you’ll test depends of course on your specific goals for your brand on each platform as well as your resources, but we’ll make some recommendations and share ideas for what brands could do with these platform updates.

On Instagram, consider responding to Stories of advocates and other fans and followers with relevant, branded-but-casual videos and photos where appropriate. Think about what makes sense to share that both represents your brand and works with the relationship with that particular follower. Once your brand gets the ability to add a second person to a Live Story, there are a ton of possibilities. If you’re nervous about testing new features for your brand, this is a great opportunity since Live audiences don’t expect polished perfection. Use this new feature to do a Q&A with someone in a different office or who is traveling while representing your brand; they could give a behind-the-scenes tour of your brand or an industry event like a conference. You could also do an interview with an influencer in your industry.

It could also work as a pre-scheduled support Q&A where customers come on with specific questions that your support team can answer, then save the video and share as necessary later. There are a ton of possibilities with this update, so brainstorm based on where your social video strategy is now and where you’d like to be, plus what fits with your particular brand.

Facebook Stories aren’t available on the Page app, so we’ll see if the desktop update includes Pages. If so, you could consider approaching it in a similar way to Instagram Stories, filling it with supplementary video material that takes fans and followers behind-the-scenes of your business, or share quick tips and interviews with key employees, advocates or influencers.

The premium video updates on Twitter and Facebook are beyond the resources of most brands, but if it makes sense to coordinate a live-stream and tweet of some of that content with your fans and followers, it’s a new digital event to consider. BuzzFeed’s “AM to DM” will center around live Twitter interaction on the latest news, so keep in mind what’s appropriate for your brand before you jump in.

While many brands find it easier to use Instagram Stories where they already have followers rather than get those followers to find them again on Snapchat, you can also use the multi-Snap recording update to get a more seamless video you can save and upload to Instagram Stories. If you have links you want to share with your audience regularly, however, Snapchat might be the better option. You can only add links to Instagram Stories if you’re a verified account or a business account with over 10k followers.

As for LinkedIn’s new video possibilities, be aware that there’s an expectation for more polished and professional content on that platform and choose your video content accordingly.

Measure your response

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