The Week in Social #265

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On the eternal strategies and the brand new

Find some comfort in an ever-changing world with these 5 eternal marketing lessons you can hang your hat on from Dave Davies for MarketingLand. 

As for the new, Shareen Pathak takes a look at how influencers are building communities to get around Instagram’s algorithm in Podghazi: Instagram influencers use comment collusion to game the algorithm.

On content marketing

If Netflix is any indication, people today enjoy bingeing on content. Can you translate that to content marketing? Sean Schroeder explores How Marketers Can Create Binge-Worthy Content Experiences for the Content Marketing Institute’s blog.

Video marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor, so Evan Bakker asks Which Video Content Strategy Fits Your Brand? for L2.

“After parsing through 201 brands, 60,000 videos, and 293 video campaigns, L2 identified three main video content archetypes: Micro-Targeting, Scaled Engagement, and Mass. Each category conforms to particular levels of spend and engagement, and depends in part on the size of brands’ budgets, along with their utilization of each social platform. The relationship between spend and reach is detailed in this interactive scorecard, which depicts video spend and reach across 164 brands.”

video strategy categorization and scale

On platform updates

And finally, all the new things we’ve seen popping up this week.

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