What sentiment analysis can do for influencer marketing

Sentiment analysis can do more for your brand than just tell you generally how people are feeling toward you at any given moment, and one great use case applies to one of the marketing darlings of the moment: Influencer marketing.

Use it to pay attention to influencers in your industry and identify the best match or matches for working with your brand, or use it to vet an influencer and make sure they’ve got the kind of positive draw they claim to. A little time spent doing research can save a whole lot of headache later— you’ll be able to see beforehand if there’s negative sentiment around a specific influencer and avoid a potential social media crisis situation.

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How to identify an influencer with sentiment analysis

We now offer sentiment analysis in our Twitter and Instagram Trackers, so you can look for influencers in both places; perfect for a multi-channel campaign you might be planning.

For both, you’d want to set up a topic Tracker around your industry, possibly on a keyword that’s important to your campaign (and several Trackers if you have the bandwith). Maybe you’re a food company launching a new gluten free product and you want to send some samples to some gluten free influencers. Set up a “gluten free” topic Tracker for Twitter and Instagram and once it starts tracking some data, you can scroll down to the sentiment section to see what it has to tell you.

sentiment influencers

On Twitter, Notable Positive and Negative Tweets will help you see who’s contributing to the conversation in the tone that you’re looking for to match your campaign. As you narrow down different dates, which names keep showing up? This way you can create a short list of people active on the subject and see if they’re a good match for working with your brand. (Keep in mind that micro-influencers often have more sway with their followers than the really big names do and they’re less expensive to work with.)

On Instagram, Notable Positive and Negative Posts can show you the same thing. For both Trackers you’ll see Top Publishers or Top Contributors listed under the Sentiment Overview on the Overview page. Cross-reference those accounts with the people you see in the Top Positive and Negative Tweets.

Someone with a good following who’s passionate about gluten free foods would be likely to show up in both places and give you a leg up on finding the right influencer to work with.

How to vet an influencer with sentiment analysis

It happens sometimes that someone isn’t what they say they are, and that particularly becomes a problem if you’re a brand who’s working with an influencer because your brad also gets dragged down in any ensuing social media crisis. A little research done before any campaign kicks off can save your brand from having to launch your social media crisis management plan. (Related: Here’s what sentiment analysis can do for crisis communication.)

The easiest way to do this is to set up a Tracker around the influencer’s account and then use our sentiment reporting to see how their fans and followers and your industry really feel about them. Changes over time in particular will show you at a glance if your influencer has been involved in any negative social media backlash lately.

sentiment influencers 2

On Twitter you can also pay attention to topics mentioned (are they as focused on your topic as you want them to be?), an intensity breakdown to go into more detail about their sentiment score, and of course their Notable Positive and Negative Tweets. For Instagram you’ll also see topics, an intensity breakdown as well as Notable Posts.

How to get sentiment analysis

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