New social media things to try in July

Social media changes fast, so now along with the platform updates we share in The Week in Social, we’ll be bringing you some ideas for things to try with your brand’s presence on social based on each month’s platform updates.

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Three new things to try on Instagram

Instagram has rolled out a few new updates so far this summer. One is the ability to archive old posts, which is a great way for brands to clean up their visual content marketing without deleting old posts you may still want to reference or rework into new posts in the future. If you’ve been looking to streamline your brand’s Instagram profile with a particular aesthetic, this feature could be just the thing to help get you there.

Have you gone live on Instagram lately? You now have the option to add a replay of your live broadcast to your Story, giving it a longer shelf-life and giving your fans and followers a taste of what tuning into a live broadcast with you is like. This could make them determined to catch the next one or give them another reason to reach out to your brand if something in the broadcast they otherwise would have missed resonates with them. Give it a try and see how your audience responds; Stories are easy enough to skip through if your audience isn’t interested.

Finally, if your brand is working with influencers or just considering an influencer campaign in the future you’ll want to keep an eye on the new sponsored post format Instagram is testing. If it rolls out widely it should save a lot of headaches from brands, influencers and the FCC alike.

One new thing to try on Twitter

Twitter recently redesigned their visuals on their owned apps, making it a good time to check in on your visual marketing and decide if you want to freshen anything up. If it has been a long time since you’ve done that, you might think of some ways to optimize your visuals for Twitter’s redesign; maybe your logo doesn’t look as good in the circle as it did in the square.

Two new things to try on Facebook

The people asked and Facebook answered: You can now comment with GIFs. Use this new feature to have a little fun in comment threads with your fans and followers, keeping things on brand and appropriate to the conversation at hand.


Facebook also announced some updates they’re rolling out to Live, including Live With, which TechCrunch breaks down here:

“Live With basically allows you to FaceTime with your friends in a public setting, it’s a completely different way to capture social interaction and it definitely offers something new.

You have these conversations in landscape mode for a split-screen style or portrait for picture-in-picture mode as seen in the image.”

Brands could use this feature to spice up a Q&A style interview or webinar, bring in specific customers to share their stories, share the stories of employees at different locations or events, and more. Think about how your brand could use it to bring more to your audience’s experience with your Live broadcasts.

One new thing to try on Tumblr

If your brand is curious about community building on Tumblr and wants to be sensitive to your audience’s needs, they’ve recently rolled out a Safe Mode that could help with just exactly that.

Encourage active community members to use this feature if it seems like something your audience would appreciate.

One new thing to try on Snapchat

Finally, Snapchat has released a Snap Map- and while it can present some privacy concerns for individual users- it could also be a great thing for brands depending on what features might be available to them in the future.

If your brand is really active on Snapchat, it’s a great way to remind local fans and followers of your physical location and to come check in and interact IRL. Consider some incentives to get users to do just that, in a brand appropriate way. It’s also a great way to get influencers involved in a location-based way that doesn’t compromise their personal privacy (the Snap Map is leading them to your brand’s physical location, not their home or a favorite hangout they’d rather keep private).

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