Halo Top’s golden seal sweepstakes is the gold star on their social strategy

It’s no golden ticket to Willy Wonka, but Halo Top’s golden seal sweepstakes is something your average consumer wants more than inheriting a chocolate factory full of Oompa Loompas: $5k for groceries (from the grocer where you bought the winning pint, obviously), a trip to Hawaii and a wish granted in your local community through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Halo Top is a “light ice cream”, high in protein and low in sugar so it’s popular with the health and fitness crowd; people who spend a lot of money on groceries and are conscious of what they buy. The social good aspect of the sweepstakes speaks to Halo Top’s awareness of that. This is a brand who not only knows their audience, but tries to think about what would delight them.

They’re also good on execution, with the golden seal sweepstakes well-promoted across their social profiles:

And while they do reuse images, they also take a slightly different approach to each platform, mixing things up enough that fans are willing to follow them in more than one place. They talk about which flavors their employees like best (you can see that on the tweet above), making the brand more relatable and increasing employee advocacy.

On Twitter they also retweet a lot of posts about their brand (tapping into UGC) and they share smaller contest winners there and on their Instagram profile.

It’s all working, as covered in Digiday:

“Over the past 10 months, the brand has seen a 160 percent increase in social followers, from 400,000 in August to 1 million today. According to Woolverton [Founder and CEO], sales have increased by 2,500 percent over the last year and the product is now available in grocery stores nationwide.

Woolverton also credits the brand’s growth to its health-conscious and non-corporate message. ‘We work hard to make sure our voice comes through as best we can,’ he said. ‘That way, our fans can see we’re just real people, not suited-up executives running focus-group studies on what people will respond to best.’”

So grab yourself a pint this summer and see if you get one of the five golden tickets floating around out there. At the very least, you win the chance to eat some delicious ice cream you can polish off a whole pint of without feeling so guilty.

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