The best Instagram apps for business

Instagram has come a long way from its original square-image-only beginnings, but there are still some apps that can enhance your Instagram presence, especially if you’re a brand. With that in mind, we put together a list of the best Instagram apps for business.

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Start with Instagram’s satellite apps

Instagram has released some additional apps that can add some variety to your visual content marketing: Boomerang, almost like a GIF, and Hyperlapse, which allows you to make time-lapse videos.

Mix these into your visual marketing for more impact than simple static images, and take note which formats your audience seems to respond to best. Not sure what to use them for? See if you can use one or both to help illustrate a product tutorial, introduce a staff member, or even relate to fans and followers with that Monday morning coffee post (#butfirstcoffee).

Third party apps worth testing

You want to choose apps that work with any particular visual content marketing you’ve strategized for your brand, but it’s always worth it to test new things with your particular audience to see what they respond to. With most apps you can save the image to your camera roll before uploading directly to Instagram, allowing you to test them in your Instagram Story before you upload them to your main account. Stories are a great place to beta test things and followers are happy to give feedback, particularly if you directly solicit it.

We recommend testing Repost, which “regrams” other user photos with credit, and InstaSize, which reformats any photo to fit into Instagram’s formerly mandatory square.  While you can upload unsquare landscape and portrait images to your main account on Instagram now, multiple-photo posts still require a square and landscapes images get arbitrarily cropped in Stories. InstaSize can help in both of these cases to share the full image if that’s what you had in mind.

Repost comes in especially handy if you’re planning a UGC campaign or just like to regularly feature fans and followers who are using your products and voluntarily tagging you in their posts.

For more, check out our post on the Third party Instagram apps worth your time.

Find more apps to test

These apps are the best to start with if you’re trying to diversify your visual content marketing on Instagram, but keep an eye out for other new ones to try.

A good way to find new apps to test is to pay attention to your competitors, any industry influencers you follow, and also your fans and followers. Often hashtags will tell you apps they’ve used, they might mention it in the comments, or you can even ask how they achieve a certain tone in their images if it feels appropriate.

As for testing to see which of your images are performing the best, well, we can always help with that!

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