Sentiment analysis for Instagram and Twitter now available to everyone

Big news! Our brand new sentiment analysis is now publicly available in all Twitter and Instagram Trackers. Use sentiment reporting to understand more about how your audience feels about anything – your brand, your competitors, a campaign, a hashtag.Sentiment analysis on Twitter

With sentiment analysis, you can:

  • Track changes in opinion and mood over time
  • Compare how an audience feels about your brand vs. your competitors
  • Identify potential issues early, before they¬†develop into full-blown crises
  • Pinpoint key topics or posts driving sentiment up or down

Social Suite customers get the full sentiment analysis experience, including reporting on key posts and topics driving sentiment up or down, trends over time, intensity breakdown, and more. All other plans include a sentiment summary showing an overall sentiment score between 0 and 100, as well as a breakdown of positive, negative and neutral sentiment share. (Don’t have a Union Metrics account? Set up a demo to see the new sentiment reporting in action!)

There’s more information about our new sentiment reports on our helpdesk. And you can access the sentiment analysis in your Trackers now.

Have any questions about your sentiment reports? Let us know!

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