How to prioritize your social media marketing: 3 steps

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t get everything done on your social to-do list, you’re definitely not alone. Between other priorities you have on your plate and the constantly shifting social landscape, it’s easy to feel like you can never really get it all done. And sometimes you’ve just gotten stuck in a rut or routine that just isn’t working anymore.

No matter what the cause, we hope these tips can be the cure to shake things up and recalibrate your to-dos. Here are our 3 steps to prioritize your social media marketing.

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1. Make a list

First things first: Make a list of all the tasks you’re responsible for from small daily things up to bigger responsibilities- like quarterly metrics reviews- leaving spaces for upcoming projects you can reasonably expect to tackle (like a holiday campaign, for example).

Now break down this list. How much is social? How much are other responsibilities? Is the amount of time you’re currently spending on each roughly equivalent to the importance of each area to your brand and your goals? If you’re not sure how much time you’re spending on individual tasks, there are apps and browser extensions you can download to get a better idea and help you decide where you can redistribute your time.

Then sit down and decide how much time a day you realistically need to maintain your current social presence, and how much more you would need to nurture and grow it. Is that realistic given your current resources? Can you expand your team or redistribute your responsibilities? Write it all down.

2. Make your case

If you’re not your own boss and you need approval to spend more of your time on social, make a business case for it using as much data as you can get your hands on: Industry benchmarks, your own brand performance, why you need more resources in order to meet the goals your brand has set for your social media marketing, and whatever else is most relevant to your brand at this time.

You’re much more likely to get your plan approved if it’s backed by solid research and evidence that you’re already doing the best you can with the resources you currently have. You can also always pitch a trial run- maybe a month or a quarter or so- where you test out some new strategies and see how they start to pay off.

If you need help measuring your efforts to see what’s already working and more going forward, we can help! 

3. Make it work

It’s easy to fall back into old habits after a day or two of trying to carve out new ones, so to make your new priorities stick consider blocking out and scheduling your time to cover your social media marketing and other tasks, leaving some wiggle room and blocks of time to work on bigger projects. You don’t have to stick to it religiously, but it will make you much more realistic about time tables and what else you can take on in the future.

Analyze and recalibrate regularly as needed. And as always, we can help you measure to check in on what’s working and what’s not.

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