Tips for using images in your social posts

A strong, cohesive visual content marketing presence goes a long way toward strengthening and enhancing your brand’s social presence as a whole. The first step in building your visual content marketing is using images in your social posts to their full potential.

So with that in mind, we thought we’d share some tips for using images in your social posts. Got questions or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics.

Check in with your style guide

Does your brand have a style guide? Either refer to it to see what it says about visual content marketing for your brand, start updating it to include this information or start building one from scratch. You can always formalize it later if you’re on a very small team now and just want to outline some basics.

Why should you bother? Having this documented will help with on-boarding future team members and will be an incentive for any designer you might bring onto the team in the future; they’ll know you’re making good design as much of a priority as you can, even with limited resources.

Check in on the state of visual branding in your industry

Decide on a few common design elements you want to keep your visual branding consistent with across social media. Not sure where to start? Spend a little time researching design and visual branding elements. You don’t have to go super in-depth, but learn a few basics to help your visual branding become identifiable by your fans, followers and target audience. You want to work toward your brand style being easily recognizable by those groups.

Some quick ways you can start doing this immediately:

  • Use consistent filters when available
  • Use consistent fonts
  • Use consistent branded colors

Make sure your whole team is on the same page with these visual elements and knows where your style guide lives and how to access it when they have questions or want to double-check their work.

Also, don’t be afraid to use different versions of the same images across platforms to save time and reinforce a consistent look. Just tweak them appropriately and space out when you post them.

Check in with your profiles

Look at your profiles as a whole- Instagram, the media section of your Twitter profile, the photos section on Facebook- and see if things tie together well or not. It’s okay if they’re not cohesive right now, but do pick out the visual elements that stand out to you that you’d like to keep in your visual content marketing going forward and which you’d like to avoid or edit. Keep concentrating on enhancing the former and working on the latter as much as possible.

Bottom line: You want your fans, followers and customers to be able to easily identify your brand when they come across new posts.

Get started quickly

Run a free Instagram account checkup to see what’s working for you visually there, then keep building. How does that match other platforms? What visual elements are performing the best on each platform and how can you tie them together as a whole?

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