IKEA shows how big brands can make local impact

Brands are inextricably part of the communities they physically exist in, even if they’re big international brands. But it’s a lot harder to be an active part of that community when you’re headquartered hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

That’s why it’s a smart move for brands to have a system in place for branches to partner with local charities in their communities to strengthen their ties and do some good on a smaller scale. That kind of program will have a lot more impact for the customers and potential customers who live around the branch than simply seeing an ad that says they’ve partnered up with a nationwide charity and donated some of their proceeds.

In Austin, the Round Rock branch of IKEA is partnering with the local food bank for the month of June to help fight child hunger:

“Summer is a stressful time for families. Children no longer have access to free or reduced-price lunch and a rise in utility bills and gas prices make it difficult for families to make ends meet. When you make an IKEA trip this month, you can help fight child hunger during IKEA’S Feeding the Future Campaign. In June, when you buy a restaurant kids meal, IKEA will donate $1 per purchase of restaurant kids’ meals to the Food Bank or you can make a monetary donation at checkout at the register or online. Each dollar counts.

Last year, Feeding the Future Campaign helped provide more than 42,000 meals for Central Texas families.”

IKEA could consider highlighting these smaller local partnerships somewhere bigger, but the more important thing is that they do them. It reinforces their identity as a socially conscious brand.

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