Win more business with Union Metrics for agencies

It’s no secret that agencies need to stay on top of social trends and keep their clients happy, with all of their changing needs on top of shifting social trends. It’s not an easy job, but having reliable social media metrics makes it much easier than scrambling to piece things together from a difficult, complicated reporting system.

Having a clean, easily adjusted measurement system helps win businesses with better, more informed pitches, not to mention with standing out against your own competition on social media.

And that’s where we come in, with all of this and more.

We have a new ebook available for download that covers all aspects of what agencies need to stay competitive and win more business. Here’s an excerpt on using competitive intelligence:

“Internal benchmarks are great, but industry benchmarks are even better. Find out how your client measures up relative to their competitors on social. Be sure you’re monitoring all your client’s main competitors on the social media channels that are most relevant to them. Use this data to benchmark your client’s progress and give their metrics more context.

In addition, keep track of what the competition shares to social media. Identify key pieces of content that perform well, since your client’s competitors are likely focused on the kind of audience your client wants to reach. Use this intel to craft content strategy going forward, plan future campaigns and improve your overall social impact.

With competitive intelligence, it’s important to concentrate on trends over time in engagement and growth rates. Don’t worry too much about raw numbers like fans or followers to start. For example, if your client has fewer followers than their competitors, focus on growing their audience at a faster rate, rather than just meeting an overall follower goal.

It’s also important to check in with your target audience’s knowledge of your client’s values, since consumers increasingly want to align themselves with brands that have values similar to their own. For example, if your client is a family-friendly company, make sure that’s reflected in the content you share on their social accounts. Use social to reinforce other marketing and branding efforts.

Most importantly, you need a measurement system that will scale with your agency as it grows and you take on more clients, or as your clients grow and want to undertake new projects with you. The last thing you want to worry about is losing data or having to update your client-facing reports if you move to a new provider.”

And if ebooks aren’t your thing or you want even more, join us on Thursday 5/4 at 9am PT/11am CT for a webinar also titled Win more business with Union Metrics for agencies.

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