The Week in Social #253

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On influencer marketing and the FTC

Once again, a reminder that the FTC [is] Laying Down the Law on Influencers, this time from Alex Ditty for Business 2 Community. The bottom line? When in doubt, disclose. 

As for brands just getting into the world of influencer partnerships, here are 5 Tips for Brands New to Influencer Marketing from Steve Goldstein for PR News.

On video and content marketing

Here are 5 Important Visual Lessons From Designers for Content Marketers from Robert Katai for the Content Marketing Institute’s blog. One big takeaway?

“Less is always more. Non-designers seem to always want to add elements, more fonts, more colors, more stuff to designs to make it ‘pop’ or stand out. When design, professional design, works best when it’s focused and to the point.”

Finally, Jim Dougherty covers How to Create Better Facebook Live Videos for Cision’s blog. Ask this question before you even start:

“The first question that every PR, content and marketing professional should vet is whether there is a compelling reason for them to publish a live video. Is there an event that you’re broadcasting? Are you broadcasting a seminar with live audience participation? In nearly every metric of quality and messaging, live video is inferior to standard video. There is no opportunity for editing and little room for error. Live videos are less engaging and require a lot more patience and forgiveness from your audience. If you don’t believe me, spend 15 minutes surfing Periscope videos. If there isn’t a compelling narrative reason to be on Facebook Live, there will be no reason for people to watch in real time. Also, your archived content will (likely) be lower quality than a regular video. Put more bluntly, don’t do a live video unless people are going to have a (good) reason to watch your content live. Live video is a compromise of quality for timeliness.”

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Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.