How to do a social content audit

Audits aren’t just for your blog: Auditing your social content gives you the best idea of which content is resonating with your audience and which is falling flat, so you can incorporate more of the former and improve or cut out the latter.

So how exactly do you conduct a social audit? We’re glad you asked, because we’re ready to break down just exactly that.

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Start small

How deep you go into any kind of audit you’re doing for your brand will obviously depend on the resources you have available for the project- team members, time, goals, etc- but at any level you want to start small.

To begin, pick your top and bottom performing posts from each platform. Then dive into some questions for each of them:

  • What do they have in common? Look at the type of content they contain, any media (photos, videos, etc), hashtags, the time of day they were posted and any other relevant details you can compare between the one that performed the best and the one that performed the worst. You can also compare best and worst among the different platforms that you’re on. Is there a common element in all of your social content that your audience is responding well to? Be sure to hold on to that.
  • What’s different between them? Likewise, tease out the differences between your best and worst posts for good and for bad. Make notes on what to keep in your content strategy, what needs to be avoided going forward, and what you can improve.

From this you can start with a list of things to test going forward, sticking mostly to the times and media that have been getting a better response but also testing new times and forms of media as well. If you haven’t tried adding GIFs and video to the mix, see how your audience responds to them! Just make sure you have a measurement system in place to easily see what’s working going forward so you can adjust as needed.

Add inspiration

If you have a little more time, see what your competitors are doing. Pull some of their top posts for a little inspiration. What hashtags and media forms can you try, with your own spin on it to fit your brand?

You can also tap into your wider industry, including any influencers, to draw inspiration from their content as well.

Take a deeper dive

For the best possible look at your social performance, you need to look at trends over time and compare them to content format shifts over time. Are you too slow to adapt? Or in contrast to that, do you do too many new things that frustrate your audience?

Longterm trends can show you a lot more detail about what’s working and what’s not in your social content strategy and even give you ideas about what you can revive or reincorporate from the past.

And as always, if you need help measuring, we can do that!

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