Introducing our brand new sentiment analysis

Monitoring the size and momentum of a conversation on social media is great. But to really know how successful a campaign was or how well your brand is performing, you need to know more than just how much people are talking about you – you need to know what people are saying. What topics are important to your customers? What posts are performing well? And beyond that, how do people feel about something? What do they really think?

To help with that, we’re excited to unveil our new Twitter sentiment analysis. Find out exactly what your target audience thinks about anything.

Sentiment score over time

Our new sentiment analysis is currently in beta for Social Suite subscribers and is available in all Twitter Trackers.

Sentiment reporting can help you better understand public opinion about any topic. Use it to:

  • Monitor changes in brand reputation over time
  • Compare perception of your brand to your competitors
  • Evaluate the qualitative success of a campaign
  • Identify important trends, news articles and media
  • Research customer opinion about your company and products
  • Assess the actual impact of a crisis

Want to learn more? Watch this recording of our latest webinar, where we walked through the new reporting and demonstrated how you can tap into the power of social data to better understand public opinion. And if you’re a suite subscriber, log in to your account now to see the new report in action.

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