Our best social media tips for SMBs

Small and medium businesses obviously don’t have the same resources the big behemoth brands do, and it can be frustrating to read content aimed at large teams with budgets you can only dream of.

With that in mind, we wrote this one just for you SMBs! We’re small ourselves, so we’re speaking from experience.

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Streamline your process

Narrow your daily tasks down to the most important: Start with checking in on what’s absolutely essential- direct brand mentions, new messages- and then work up from there in order of the importance of the to-do item vs. the resources (time, team members) you have at your disposal.

Here’s a rough checklist to start with:

  • Direct mentions across platforms
  • New messages across platforms
  • Indirect brand mentions across platforms
  • Branded hashtags
  • Brand mentions on blogs
  • Competitor conversations
  • Influencer conversations
  • Important industry keywords, hashtags, and more

Some days you’ll have more time than others and those are days you can refer to your project wishlist (which we’ll discuss more in a section or two).

Measure smarter, not more

Social media measurement can be stressful, especially when you’re inexperienced or working with a very small team. To make things easier on yourself, be sure that you and your team set very clear goals of what you’ll be measuring before you launch a new campaign or undertake a more intense social posting schedule. Ideally these goals will tie back to business goals to give you an idea of how your social efforts are contributing to your business’s overall success.

Not sure where to start measuring? Here are The five social media KPIs you need to be measuring to start with. Choose a social analytics provider that not only meets your current measurement needs, but that can scale with you as your social program and resources grow. You don’t want to lose your backlog of data because you’re starting out with the max plan.

And here’s a quick tip to be sure you don’t miss checking in with your metrics regularly: Set calendar reminders for the same time every week, month and schedule quarterly and annual review meetings with appropriate team members. You can always adjust these dates as needed, but it’s good to have a regular reminder in place you can’t ignore.

Create a wishlist

Create a doc you can collaborate on with your team and maybe even across teams with an ongoing list of ideas around your social media marketing. Allow everything from very simple things you could start implementing almost immediately to bigger, more wild and creative ideas you might find a way to incorporate down the line.

You can work on corresponding research docs when you have extra time, or even proposals to get some of the bigger ideas turned into projects that become an executable part of your social strategy.

Schedule your time when necessary

Aside from those calendar reminders that you have regularly checking in on your metrics to gauge your progress, it can also be a good idea to set aside time for content creating and curation. You might even want to schedule an hour or so a week to include things outside of your industry; exiting the echo chamber can be one of the best ways to get inspired by new ideas for content and content formats.

You also want to schedule downtime to get away from the office for a while to go for a walk or work on some of that content curation in a coffee shop. It’s just as important to your productivity to make that time as it is to schedule your quarterly meetings.

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