Ideas for how to do more with Union Metrics

You can do a lot with our social media analytics, but we don’t want that knowledge to have you feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes it helps to see exactly how you can apply analytics to different parts of your brand strategy, so here are a few ideas.

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Optimize your social content

Our analytics can help you figure out exactly what’s working- and what isn’t- across your social channels. This will not only help you create better content going forward, but also learn exactly what your target audience likes, find the right time to post and figure out what the right content mix is across channels.

See more details about exactly how here.

Get the only social media report you’ll ever need

Being able to pull exactly what you need when you need it from your social analytics is crucial; never miss a deadline with your boss or a client again, and be able to provide the foundation for new ideas in your social strategy going forward. Our real-time analytics and reporting make it possible for you to capitalize on trends in time, catch a mistake before it snowballs into something bigger, and more.

adjust campaigns midstream


See exactly how you can adjust your campaigns mid-stream, capitalize on trends and quickly get the post-hoc campaign reporting you need, here.

Beat the competition on social

The right competitive intelligence allows you to benchmark your progress, learn from leaders in your industry, and see how your content measures up to your biggest competitors.  After all, it’s one thing to monitor growth against your internal KPIs, but it’s another thing entirely to benchmark those KPIs against your industry’s standard.

Our analytics also allow you to see specifically what the competition is up to on Facebook, as well as measure your share of voice in your industry as a whole. Get all the details here.

Plan campaigns and study trends

Looking into the past on social can help you plan for the future. Use flexible queries and historical data access to uncover new audiences, find relevant content, and plan campaigns, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding the true impact of social reactions during a crisis
  • Uncovering new audiences and user-generated content
  • Identifying key posts and influencers in any conversation
  • Determining when and how trends started

See how you can also tap into Twitter’s massive archive specifically with Echo, win better clients with pre-pitch research, and more, here.

All of this sound good?

We’ll help you set up our analytics so you get exactly what you need— and you can always adjust what you’re tracking as needed going forward. Want a personalized demo? Drop us a line or hit the button below.

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