Get a free snapshot of your Twitter efforts

When’s the last time you checked in on your Twitter account with some real, hard numbers? Maybe there’s a hashtag you’re curious about, or a keyword in your industry, or a link to a piece you just read or wrote. How far is it traveling on Twitter? Who’s talking about it the most?

You can get analytics around any of those things on Twitter right now, for free. Just run a snapshot report!

twitter snapshot short

And then run a bunch more about whatever you’re curious about because we don’t limit you. You can even save them all in your account and refer to them later. See details on what you can search for here.

So what, exactly, does a snapshot get you, and what can you do with that information?

  • A quick estimate of the size and scope of any Twitter conversation: Start some research, then narrow your focus on what really matters to your brand
  • A measure of potential reach and impressions to see how something spreads: Just how big is that trend everyone seems to be talking about?
  • Identifies contributors in a conversation, including the top influencers: Influencer marketing, anyone? Help find those especially valuable micro-influencers
  • Shows which tweets generated the most engagement: It might not be the ones you assume just because they came across your feed
  • Generates a transcript of Tweets about any topic: Save these to refer to later, or share
  • Creates a simple, elegant report you can share with your colleagues: And share on social to start a discussion, show chat participants how big your chat really is, and/or so much more!

So start with a snapshot and then if you want to dive deeper, we can help with that too.

Specific, actionable social intelligence. See how Union Metrics helps marketers win.

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