Snap dresses up as Instagram for an actually funny April Fool

Last Saturday was the first of April and so the brands were doing their fooling, to various levels of success and amusement. One that actually seemed hit home? Snapchat’s Instagram filter.

Wait, what? Why would they do that? Recode breaks it down nicely:

“In case you don’t get it, allow me to dissect the frog: Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram have copied Snapchat over and over and over and over again. Stories, the chronological picture series that Snap pioneered, has been copy-pasted into the Facebook app, the Instagram app, the Messenger app and WhatsApp, because everyone loves stories.”

Here’s what it looked like, via Recode’s Kirt Wagster.

snap as instaA clever April Fool, which is seen far too seldom these days. It’s proof that if your brand puts thought and work into it you can salvage even the most overdone of opportunities and connect well with your audience.

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