Pairing up for success on Instagram

Beauty and food are two of the biggest categories on Instagram and for good reason, since they both photograph fabulously in endless combinations.

Beauty brand Birchbox (a monthly beauty box subscription service and online store) and NYC’s Black Tap (craft burgers, beer and “crazy shakes”) teamed up to create a custom crazy shake based on Birchbox’s April Box.

In case you aren’t familiar with a #crazyshake, it takes a regular milkshake up to 11:

birchbox crazy shake
via Birchbox on Instagram

This is a smart move for both brands, boosting this content’s reach across both of their audiences who most likely have some overlapping interest in beauty and cute food photography that often serves as more of a prop than actual nourishment. Birchbox chronicled the entire process in their Instagram Story and wrote a piece on why they love coconut in their beauty products as well as their shakes.

Brand partnerships- especially on short, one-off projects like this one- can often be easier to execute than longer campaigns with an influencer but serve a similar purpose in reaching new portions of the target audience of each participant. As the platform grows more competitive, this kind of pairing up can help brands find success on Instagram.

The one drawback to this particular partnership? The custom crazy shake isn’t actually available in Black Tap stores. That could be a big disappointment for Birchbox fans who want to wear their samples to get their photo taken with a custom shake just to post on Instagram and some of the comments on Black Tap’s post reflected this: crazy shake comments A missed opportunity, even if it remained somewhat localized to NYC.

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