The most interesting new social features so far in 2017

Platforms are always releasing new features and it can be hard to keep up, even if you’re a social media super-user. With that in mind we took a look at what we thought were the most interesting new social features launched so far in 2017.

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Instagram multiple posts

In February Instagram expanded what used to be an ad option- carousel ads featuring multiple, swipe-able photos- to be available to everyone on the platform, allowing them to add up to 10 videos and photos in a single post.

Instagram has always been about visual curation and sharing the highlights of an event, product or day, so this new post format gives brands a chance to go more in-depth with a post without flooding the feeds of their fans and followers or having to create awkward collages. We wrote about how some brands are already using it plus how to get more out of it, here.

Twitter’s new security updates

Twitter has been criticized over the years for not doing enough to stem the flow of abuse and trolling directed at some of its more prominent users, but it finally rolled out some advanced security features users seem much happier about than previous efforts. A favorite new feature in particular seems to be the ability to mute anyone with a default profile photo, or the Twitter egg avatar (since we drafted this, that’s also been changed):

Trolls will often quickly create new accounts to harass other users once they’ve been blocked from their main account, so this is a quick and easy way to block a lot of low-effort trolling attempts.

Facebook’s Stories and more

Riding on the success of Instagram’s Stories feature, Facebook has made it an option for sharing on Messenger, WhatsApp and now in the mobile Facebook app as well. Only time will tell if users have enough time and content-creating energy to produce a story for each of these platforms separately, but it’s likely this move is meant to give users the option to create a story in whichever place they spend the most time.

For a good read on the implication for marketers in all of this, check out Econsultancy’s blog.

What else?

These are the updates we’ve seen the most chatter and activity around, but what about your brand and your audience? What updates and features have you been experimenting with so far in 2017, or are anticipating as the year goes on?

And if you want to see how your content is performing with these new features you’re testing, well, we’re always happy to help!

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