IKEA or Balenciaga: Who wore it better?

When a designer creates a $2,145 version of your 99 cent shopping tote, it would be a waste not to acknowledge the compliment in advertising form. And that’s exactly what IKEA did this week when faced with a very flattering and familiar shopping tote from Balenciaga:

Image via Adweek

As Adweek reports:

“In Sweden, at the urging of its agency partner Acne, Ikea (via in-house shop Ikea Creative Shop) whipped up a print ad and a social post comically explaining to readers how to tell the difference between Balenciaga’s bag and Ikea’s.”

This is very much in keeping with IKEA’s brand voice and mission of being stylish yet affordable; it also acknowledges and plays off of the jokes already happening on social media without being mean-spirited, which wouldn’t be keeping with IKEA’s brand values.